Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1/19/2015..New Companion

Miracle #1- Transfers! That sounds really bad.... I don't mean to say that I did not enjoy the time I spent with Elder Olson. It was a VERY fun 4 1/4 months and the miracles we saw will be things I hope to remember forever. I heard a quote a little while ago that said, "your faith is only as good as your memory." Wow. It makes sense though! If we can't remember faith building experiences, our structure is going to fall because we won't just have a weak foundation, we won't have a foundation! I really built that foundation with Elder Olson AND Elder Dalling is here and we have seen amazing miracles already! Jeremy, an 11 year old boy is going to be baptized on February 20th! We are VERY excited for him! He wasn't really showing a lot of desire BUT all the sudden, he just sparked! Now, he's on 1 Nephi 8, has come to church two times, and is saying his prayers. Awesome kid? yes sir! Elder Dalling is an incredible missionary as well! Very humble, a fantastic teacher, very willing, very fun to work with! I am greatly looking forward to this transfer serving with him and hopefully, a couple more after that because that's all I've got! Haha!
Also, if anybody hasn't already heard the new youth theme, "Embark", go listen to it right now! It's amazing! :)
Miracle #2- Another investigator came to church! My goodness, I was so excited! They were late so I was REALLY on edge for about 10 min BUT all the prayers and hopefulness payed off! Haha! She is gonna be baptized on January 31st! :) Also another investigator came to church! She has only bee once and it was months ago! SHE CAME!
Miracle #3- I went on an amazing exchange with an elder by the name by the name of Elder Pulsipher. It was a great experience! We got to give a blessing, throw a bunch of snow at one another and find a new investigator!
Miracle #4- BEING A MISSIONARY. I have absolutely loved these past couple weeks and months. They've been really hard and really stressful but SO rewarding. :) Obviously, serving a mission isn't a requirement to GET to heaven but it is an excellent way to BRING heaven to earth for 2 years and beyond. )

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