Monday, January 12, 2015


This week really was an amazing one. :) It was busy.... busy.... busy BUT that is a super good thing! The exhaustion we felt was in line with the happiness we felt. :)
Miracle #1- I got up to date on my journal!!! That's a miracle in and of itself. ;)
Miracle #2- We have 3 investigators in particular that could be baptized in January. We were hoping a praying mightily that they would be able to attend church this Sunday so they could qualify. I spent a good deal of time pleading with Heavenly Father during one of our Sacrament meetings to help this come to pass. Long story short, one of them didn't come but the one that I was less confident about coming, The other one came! The first was sick and in an effort to try and help her come, we went over in between Sacrament meetings and gave her a blessing. It was obvious she wasn't going to come though. As we were driving away, Elder Olson informed me that he had just gotten off the phone with the other's aunt and she said that she was there at the church. She is one step closer to baptism for the 31st! After Elder Olson told me that, I felt like my soul shattered. The joy and happiness that washed over me was something that I'll treasure for a long time. It was amazing. :)

Miracle #3- I had the opportunity to go on exchanges in Shelley! It was an amazing experience. I was with an Elder Harrs, who next transfer will be one of the District Leaders we get to work with. It was an incredible day! It was filled with WORK WORK and more WORK! We had a ward breakfast in the morning, amazing studies before and after that and we got to go out with two people, each of them for 3 hours! These members taught with us and it was a joy to experience! By the time the evening came around, I was exhausted! We planned for the next day and for goals that we are going to accomplish in the future, then exchanged back. Rest assured, I slept well that night. ;)

Miracle #4- We also had the opportunity to take 3 families to the Visitor's Center to watch "Meet the Mormons!" They were all amazing experiences! One of them was a family that was recently baptized and the father's non member brother. They enjoyed it! the next was one of our investigators and her family and boyfriend. There were a lot of people there! We had a great time though and a good discussion afterward! The 3rd one was with another one of our investigators and her family. Man... it was incredible. :) We testified to her afterward that she could be with her late husband of 34 years again someday. We invited her to be baptized and she said she would think about it. Baby steps. :)

Miracle #5- BEING A MISSIONARY! I love it. :)

I love you all as well! Please have an amazing day and share the gospel with someone. There are millions of people that need the joy and peace of Christ in their lives. It's our responsibility to share it with them. :)

WHOO! Remember, It's hard to beat someone who never gives up

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