Monday, September 8, 2014

9/8/2014..Amazing people and view of Pocatello!!

Everything that the light touches is our area! Except for a whole bunch of it! Haha! This is an amazing view of Pocatello from our area! :)

Myles' Baptism! It was AMAZING! :) Everything went smoothly and he is one is way! This guy really does have a bright future ahead of him! He has a lot of ward support, an awesome dad and a fantastic attitude! GO MYLES!
This is a picture of us and the Borgholthaus', an absolutely AMAZING family here in Pocatello. I love them so much! She has a daughter serving a mission right now and Justin, the one in the second picture holding his brother, Ryan, is leaving in 2 weeks for his mission in Wisconsin! He comes out teaching with us along with his brother, Nathan! They are INCREDIBLE! :D

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