Friday, August 15, 2014

8/4/2014...New Companion!!

We don't have a lot of time..... BUT! This past week was incredible! Elder Rash, my new companion, is INCREDIBLE! He is very obedient, a super hard worker, diligent and very patient as well! There's a lot I could learn from him! ;) Also, we found a new family to start teaching!  She is a LA member, he is a non member and their 11 year old son is baptized Episcipalian. They are so great! They're eager to go to church, read the Book of Mormon and we are going back Wednesday! Boom! Also, we had a meeting to go to in Idaho Falls, which was FANTASTIC! This mission is SO great and President Brinkerhoff i s INCREDIBLE! :) Also, we have a meeting with the whole Zone this coming Tuesday! It's gonna be fantastic to see everyone together! Overall, I promise I'm doing great. :) Life is fantastic, the weather has been nice and we have some great stuff going on. I love you so much! :) Have a fantastic day and week!!!!!! :)

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