Wednesday, August 20, 2014

8/18/2014..Chicken, ducks and cooking shoes

Our week indeed was AMAZING and the success was PLENTIFUl. Every week feels so LONG! In the best possible way! When Monday rolls around, we look back at the past week and we feel like the memories are SO old because there are so many of them! Here are a few! ;)
1-We got to go do some awesome service for the family in the Highland Stake! We helped them lay a TON of sod! Also, I got to hold a chicken and a duck! Man... that was scary. BUT it was super cool! Haha! They also gave us cookies and lemonade! Also, Elder Rash hit me in the head with a football! So, there was this swing that I was on. I was spinning around and he threw a football from about 25 yards away, it hit the pole that was holding the swing up and bounced off and hit me in the head. Even though it was VERY impressive, I chased after him and jumped on his back. He is a lot bigger than me though so it didn't do much! Haha! Overall, it was a wonderful opportunity to get the blue jeans on and go to work!
2-We are having SO much success and wonderful things happening in our zone right now! The work is hastening here in Pocatello, that's for sure! August is going to be GREAT and September is going to be INCREDIBLE! We are working on increasing the personal and effective follow up we have with our Zone. Elder Rash has come up with TONS of amazing ideas that are helping to push the Zone forward and give them everything they need to grow and prosper in this portion of the Lord's vineyard! We are the ZONE OF CHANGE! We are dedicated to becoming someone different, someone closer to God, every single day. We are going to invite those around us to come closer to Christ and nothing is going to stop us!
3-We also got to perform our musical number! The whole event was a HUGE success. The spirit was strong and without a doubt, Jesus Christ is the Savior. :) Also, our # went well! We are also performing for Zone Conference. We are performing a 4 part arrangement of 'Brightly Beams our Father's Mercy" with a narrative that I get to read in the middle, D&C 18:10-16. It's going to be incredible!
4-Mmm... it rained a LOT this past week as well! We got very wet and we even tried putting our jackets and in Elder Rash's case, his shoes and in my case, my planner, into the oven! We put it on low and tried to dry them off! It kind of worked! Haha! It made them really warm but they were still pretty wet. ;)
5-Also, Elder Rash and myself wrote a song!!! It is about a missionaries journey through the mission. It is pretty darn awesome. ;) We are gonna play it for Zone Companionship Study sometime. ;)
6-We are going mini golfing today! Whoo!
7-Oh! We got to play basketball with 2 of our investigators and a bunch of priests from the wards that we cover. We are trying to turn it into a weekly thing! We have been seeing a lot of success come from it and it has been SO fun!
8-We set a baptismal date with one of our investigators! He is awesome! He has read the Book of Mormon 2 times, the D&C once and the bible who knows how many times! He is going to be baptized on Sept 13th! He is working on overcoming smoking right now! He can do it!!!
9-Also, we got to go to the hospital to give a woman a blessing! When we got there, she had already received one BUT it was still an amazing experience! We got to have a prayer with her and I've decided I LOVE hospitals. Man! It was so AWESOME in there! It just felt like such an incredible environment! The work of salvation is done there, in a sense that people are either moving forward to learn more about the gospel on the other side or they are hopefully having experiences that will eventually bring them closer to Christ in this life!! Neurosurgery here we come!!! ;)
Overall, it was an AMAZING week! Man.... and we've got another one coming! I love you all!

Keep doing good member missionary work! Invite someone to hear from the missionaries TODAY and THIS WEEK!

Elder Merkley

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