Friday, August 15, 2014

8/11/2014..Speaking Portuguese and great experiences!!

Cool experience #1- We were driving down the road and we noticed this homeless man who was sitting on some bleachers. We initially drove by him and then felt the need to turn around and go talk to him. Boy oh boy, I had no idea what we were getting into. ;) So, he spoke NO English. It was AWESOME! I decided that some Portuguese was needed! ;) So, I got to talk to him for about 5 min in Portuguese. We gave him our number, talked to him about what religion he is, found out he didn't have a home AND had a prayer with him. It was such an incredible experience. :)

Cool experience #2- We found this amazing boy named Jessie! He is 9, his parents are LA members and he wants to be baptized! We got to teach him the Restoration and take him on a Church Tour. He absolutely loved it AND he came to church! :)

Cool experience #3- We have been able to make some GREAT progress with an amazing family that we have started teaching. We got to talk about eternal marriage quite a bit yesterday and share a video about how families can be together forever with them. We also gave them videos about the Restoration and Jesus Christ. It was fantastic! :)

Cool Experience 4- We got to talk in 2 of our 3 wards that we went to this past Sunday! I spoke on overcoming fear and covenants. It went REALLY well and it was such a good experience!!!

Other than that, it's been very rainy, Elder Rash is SO AWESOME and life is just great!!!!

To everyone else, I love you as well! Be safe and share the Gospel with EVERYONE! :)

Elder Merkley

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