Sunday, April 27, 2014

4/21/2014.. Easter Thoughts

Just to let you guys know, our Easter was SO incredible. :) It was so wonderful to always have that incredible Easter message be on the fore front of our minds. :) I know without a shadow of a doubt, that our Savior DOES live, he cares for us SO much. He lives, HE LIVES WHO ONCE WAS DEAD! :) Please take the opportunity to share that information with those around you. :) This message is precious and needs to be told!  Elder Merkley

Miracle Time: So, we were in an appointment with one of our investigators and we got a call from on our WMLs. Elder Bertoch answers, talks to him, sits down and I can tell he is very very excited. So, we say a closing prayer and then he tells me that a man, Brother Guthry talked to our WML, Brother Henrickson, today and told him, "My whole family got baptized a couple years ago, I've been to church and had two missionary lessons and I think I wanna be baptized." ..................................................... WOW!!!!!!! He told us this and we were DUMFOUNDED! We are going to contact him tonight and see if he can be baptized in April. Needless to say, we are so so so excited. SOOOOO excited. :)

Funny Story: So, we were walking down a street and Elder Bertoch was telling me about how he doesn't understand why Young Woman find missionaries attractive. He told me that we are like celibate monks, just because we can't talk to woman really, flirt with them or do anything, they find us attractive. SO, to more fully prove his point, he asks me, "Elder, do you find nuns attractive?" AND to be funny, I tell him, YES! And then he says, "Well dang it! That just ruined my whole argument!" Hahaha! It was hilarious! ;)
Overall, this week has been SO incredible. :) Lots of ups and lots of downs but the Lord came through, as He always does.
Have a fantastic week everyone! I love you guys! :)

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