Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4/14/2014..Missionaries got game!!

I got to play basketball with three guys outside of a taco truck on a hoop with no backboard!! So, explanation: outside out apartments, these guys often get together and play some ball. They are high school age and are awesome. So, we asked them if we could play with them one afternoon and they let us and it was AWESOME! It was so much fun and we got to be pretty good friends with them!  Also, we won the game! Whoo! Missionaries got game! Whoo! We are DEFINITELY gonna play with them again and start teaching and sharing messages with them!

Also, we had a straight up miracle come upon us!!! So..... we were finishing up some planning and we had a lesson that night with a wonderful woman that I actually had not taught yet. So..... we were deciding whether or not to invite her to be baptized and what we should teach. We weren't completely sure but we decided that we would bring up baptism and kinda get a feel for where she was and work from there BUT we decided we would teach about the Restoration of the Gospel. :) So, we got a ride up to their house from her husband and got in there, started a great conversation with her and then she was off to the races. She told US that she was ready to take the discussions, learn more and take the NEXT STEP. Our mouths almost dropped open with amazement. She said the words, "I've test driven and now I'm ready to buy." WOW! So, we taught the Restoration, committed her to read the Book of Mormon with her and we are going to try and set a baptismal date with her this next week. The crazy thing is she is going to have her baby in like 10 days! She is having a c-section! It will be their second so they are very excited! Overall, it was such an incredible experience and wow...... what a miracle! Also, we had Zone Training and Interviews with our Mission President and his wife this past week!  It was so gosh darn fun! I have learned a lot this past week about trusting in the Lord and the importance of doing the small things that much BETTER. I know that I will never succeed as a missionary without Heavenly Father's help. :)

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