Thursday, April 3, 2014

3/31/2014..Short but sweet

Things are going SO good. My new Companion is SO awesome! His name is Elder Bertoch. He is from Southern California, loves Zelda and other videos games, draws a lot, knows the scriptures like the back of his hand and is super chill and hilarious. He came to the field so prepared! It's incredible! 

These last 5 days in the Pocatello North Stake have been incredible! We were able to set two baptismal dates with two wonderful individuals! Scott Huff, is SUPER smart! He is a former Navy Seal and will definitely get baptized.  The date is set for April 26th and if it happens on that day, it will DEFINITELY be a miracle from Heavenly Father. Please pray for them! Also, I was wondering, can you please make sure that his name, SCOTT HUFF, gets on the Temple Prayer roles for the Spokane, Columbia River and Seattle temples?? If you could call that in I would be SO very appreciative. :) Or maybe even Chicago too! :) We really are going to need a miracle here Mom and I would love it if you could do that. :)

 Also, we have started teaching a wonderful woman by the name of Lora (not sure what her last name is) BUT we have been able to teach the Restoration to her and read 3 Nephi 17. Man... it has been incredible! Elder Bertoch and I have been unified and have LOVED teaching her! Her baptismal date is for April 26th as well! Please pray for her if you get the chance! :) 

 Overall though, I love this new area SO much! :) Being a District Leader has been SO much fun too! I have loved the feeling of responsibility and being aware of everybody. It's AWESOME! :) PS- We are actually in an apartment so it is just the two of us! It's great! A little different than the last 5 months buts good! ;) Also, we are walking a TON but it is also great. Time to lose some weight! ;) 

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