Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3/24/2014..District Leader and New area!!

I have been called as a District Leader. :) I was quite surprise but I am humbled that Heavenly Father would choose me to fill this position. As a District Leader, I preside at District Meetings that we hold ever Tuesday. At those meetings we have trainings, talk about our investigators, talk about how we can strengthen our areas and also do accountability where we look at our District's numbers and where we can improve and of course, the things that we are doing very well. :)Also, I will do follow up phone calls with my district each day and call them and see how they and their investigators are doing. Also, I will go on exchanges with District members, or I would normally do that. ;) Exchanges are where the district leader will go with each Missionary in his district individually and see how their area and they are doing as a missionary for a day and night BUT my entire district, minus my companion and I, is sister missionaries......... SO I won't be doing exchanges! haha! ;) Also, I report the numbers for our district to the Zone Leaders and I get to go on exchanges with my new Zone leaders as well!!!! I'm SO excited for that!!! :) I will also be doing the follow up training for a new missionary.
 I'm headed to the Pocatello North Stake and Elder Bertosh is going to be my new companion. I've met him already and I love the guy :) He has only been out a month and a half and I am REALLY looking forward to working with him! Also, we cover three wards in our new area ALL in ONE church building so that will be nice. ;) Also, I was just  notified that it is a walking area so I will be able to thin out a little! ;) Other than that, this past week has been a lot of saying goodbye and setting up a lot of times to come by people's houses. We were still able to teach quite a bit though and an AMAZING less active family that we have been working with forever came to church and told us that they are really working a lot of things out in their lives. :) It was a miracle because we have been praying and fasting for them too! :) I'm pretty sure my pictures will tell my weeks story though. :) Other than that, Elder Wootton and I have been having a ball, have been LOVING the sunshine and have just been enjoying our time in this wonderful stake.

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