Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3/17/2014...WITH A PURPOSE

This past week was so incredible! We got to set a baptismal date with a wonderful young man! He is 12 and his dad is a member but his mother is not. He has had a lot of struggles of late but has found a lot of comfort in church. He is INCREDIBLE! He told us that church makes him really happy and he feels better when he is there. So, we took him on a church tour and when we were in front of the picture of Peter, James and John restoring the Priesthood and giving the keys to Joseph Smith,
 we asked him if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized and he accepted for April 26th! We are really hoping we will be able to help him progress towards that and be with him every step of the way! Our mission has a goal for every companionship to baptize this April so hopefully, and with FAITH, this little guy will be baptized and receive those blessings!

 Also, we were able to meet with Chris a bit as well! It's been kinda hard of late because he hurt his knee and has been in a bad way for a while. Satan really is working hard but we are gonna work harder! Also, we got a lot of referrals from the members this week and we are working to contact and diligently seek for more people to teach! It's been wonderful! We haven't had a lot of success lately in our finding efforts but I KNOW that Heavenly Father will provide a way if we keep trying. 

Also, we had a missionary fireside this past Sunday with President and Sister Hoybjerg, the 2nd counselor in our mission presidency. It was INCREDIBLE. So inspiring and awesome! I feel really rejuvenated and ready to go! Mmm.... what else happened.... we went bowling this past P-Day which was AWESOME. OH! There is a family that Elder Abbott and I were working with for a while and they are going to be sealed pretty soon! AND I think they want me to go to it! So, I'm pretty excited for
 that. :) Whatever happens though, as long as they are sealed it will be a wonderful and beautiful thing. :) We were able to do quite a bit of service up at the silers too! The house is SO close. Every week I think it is going to be done but there always seems to be one more things to do. BUT, they said in the next couple weeks they will be able to move in. :) We got to do a lot of clean up work, moving stuff and carrying couches, bedframes and BBQs. ;) Also, we are going to the
 sauna today, then doing service with a non-member who is moving to Boise, then going to the Ficas!!! I'm so excited! :) Oh! We had a Zone Training this past week as well! What I learned from it is that I need to do the small things BETTER. I need to study with a purpose, walk
 with a purpose and think with a purpose. If I don't, all I'm doing is floating by. If we really want to be changed and grow, we have to havea goal. Increased motivation is always a result of increased vision! :) Some cool quotes that I heard this week:

"Sometimes, you've gotta go through the Ring of Fire to get there."

 "I KNOW that my Redeemer lives. :)"

 "Do not die with your music still in you."

 "If you want revelation, do your homework."
 President Harold B. Lee

 I love these! :)

 PS- I had coconut water this week and it was DISGUSTING

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