Monday, March 10, 2014

3/10/2014..Making a difference!!

Overall, this week went quite well! Looking back, it feels kinda weird. For one thing, it FLEW by!! Another, it didn't feel like we taught a lot but looking back at our numbers, we taught quite a bit and even better, we had a lot of QUALITY lessons with a lot of WONDERFUL people! I really feel like we are making a difference in a lot of different places. Chris is still progressing very well! He came to all three hours of church this past sunday and is still very eager to learn! We are working with him to overcome some Word of Wisdom problems but HE CAN DO IT! And I am loving the opportunity to help him. :) We also got to take him to a baptism for a 12 yr old boy and he absolutely loved it! He was talking about me baptizing him and I said that I would absolutely love to! :) It has truly been such a pleasure and honor to teach him. Heavenly Father definitely put him in our path and I'm so grateful for the spirit prompting us to help him. Looking back at everything that has happened, this was and is an experience of a lifetime! EVERYDAY on the mission is an experience of a lifetime! Other than that, we had a wonderful district meeting with muffins this past Tuesday, I got a very nice and heartwarming letter from Grandma Chambers and we also got to do the Sauna this past P-Day! It was soooooooooo fantastic! :) I also got to go on an exchange! Our district Leader, Elder Olson came to my area and we had such a good day. :) It was quite an eye opening day for me and I sure learned a lot. I have a fantastic District Leaders who sure knows his stuff. I'm grateful that Heavenly Father has given me the opportunity to learn from him. :) Other than those awesome things, Elder Wootton and I are looking forward to a GREAT week of teaching, LOTS of finding, and lots of sowing. Heavenly Father has great things in store for us, I just know it! Oh! Also, I'm working on the piano quite a bit! I  ant to come back pretty darn good! Keep me in your prayers in that regard please! ;)

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