Monday, September 2, 2013

9/2/2013 From 'POKIE"

Hello Fam-Bam! ;)
Greetings from Pokie where the sun is sometimes out and when it's not, it's usually pouring rain outside! ;)
I want to let you know that my time here has been absolutely amazing. I have had some very humbling moments and some very exciting and inspiring moments. The day I left the MTC seemed to be a whirlwind of train rides, talking to people, and my time on an airplane. I did get to hand out some pass along cards, eat some good food and talk to some wonderful people though! I also had to get up at 2 to say goodbye to Elder Alvarez and Elder Bradd and 5:15 to leave myself so it was a crazy night! ;) Overall though, arriving in Pokie was amazing. As you saw, I got to meet the mission president and his wife, be interviewed, play a bunch of games, eat a TON of awesome food (which seems to be common here in Pokie), also, I got to meet the Elders and Sisters in my Zone, go on a tour of Pokie (surprisingly, exciting and really fun! ;)). One of my zone leaders is actually from Brazil too! Crazy! Later that night, I got to meet my companion too and go to our new apartment! I was so excited! His name is Elder Vigil and he is so awesome! He is super knowledgeable, super bold, and super outgoing. He has taught me loads since we got here! I feel kinda like that elder from the best 2 years, constantly writing everything down! haha! Overall though, we have been getting along great! We are different, of course, but we are trying to use our different styles to teach the best lessons we can and be the best missionaries we can! I am really looking forward to all I'm going to learn during these next six weeks and just EVERYTHING!

 Overall, the days have really been blurring together though. I'll do my best to come up with some experiences though. ;) First, I have to say that we have the smallest area in the world! Or at least, that's what elder Vigil says! we cover one ward. We cover about a 1/4 mile by a 1/4 mile of just apartment complexes for students attending ISU. So, we do a TON of less active work and try to be really creative with finding people to teach. also, we ask for referrals all the time! Whoo! It truly has been a crazy experience but I've learned so much! Some really cool experiences we have had is we had the opportunity to help the new managers of the apartment complexes where we are at move in! It was really crazy too because we had just gotten done meeting with someone and we just happened to walk by and see them! It truly was a blessing from Heavenly Father to be able to give some service right when they needed it and when we needed it. :) Also, we are helping a young woman named Caitlin come back to church, get active and eventually make it to the temple! It's been wonderful! She hasn't been to church in about 2 years but we are helping her back into it and it has been so good! She went to church this past week and met with the Bishop! And SHE instigated it, not us. I really hope she continues to grow and progress. Also, we have taught about 24-28 lessons this week so I have had so many chances to grow, become a better teacher, and learn everything our Heavenly Father wants me too! :) Also, Elder Vigil and I are working on putting together a plan to increase the activity of the ward missionaries, the ward mission leader and the missionary work in the ward we are at. Really, it's been 99% Elder Vigil but I've been able to say and do a tiny bit! Haha! Also, if I didn't mention already, it's rained 3 out of the 6 days we have been here! In fact, it's raining right now! Haha!

Overall though, I have had so many good opportunities to teach out here, I've learned so much, and I have great examples around me and that teach me so much. :) Church was amazing yesterday too! :) I will continue to keep all of you guys posted on things that happen to me out here in Pokie but, above all, I want to let you all know, I am doing so well. :) Pokie has been wonderful too me and the members are amazing. :) Heavenly Father loves his children so very much. As I have been a witness to the changes that people make in their lives to be better, I have been a witness to the miracle of the Atonement and the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. :) This Gospel is incredible and Heavenly Father's hand is manifest in this work. :) Also, the Book of Mormon is true! I plead with you all to read it! It's so amazing and can change your life if you let it. :) I know that through it, we can get so close to our Heavenly Father and learn what he wants us to do. :) again, I love you all. :) So very much and I hope everything is going great in Moses. :) have a fantastic week!

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