Saturday, September 21, 2013

9/16/2013 38 lessons!!!


We have been having a lot of success! This week has been absolutely amazing! We taught 38 lessons!
Also, we went on a church tour yesterday with a girl named Sam and we invited her to be baptized on the 26th of October. At first she said, "Wow! I've only been at this for three days!" But, we talked to her for a little longer and shared a scripture with her. And........... she is preparing to be baptized on that day! She said, "I've got a lot of reading to do!" But, we have faith in her! We KNOW she can do it and it's going really well!

 Also, we had a finding activity this week where we pretty much just sat in the grass and everybody that walked by we invited them to join us and talk! In the end, we probably had close to 8-10 people sitting down! And we scheduled 4 appointments! One of them was our first appointment we had with Sam! Also, we got to talk to Mike! We had met Mike a couple days earlier! He is majoring in Music and even produced in Sweden! He is really open to us coming over and it really was a miracle that he walked by at that exact moment when we were sitting there! We got an appointment set up with him and we are greatly looking forward to it!
 Also, we have been fed VERY well this week! Man...... it's really good. Haha! Also, we got to meet Tyson. It was so awesome! Tyson is on the football team here at ISU and he is so ready and so prepared to hear the Gospel. One night, we were waiting outside an apartment, waiting for another guy to show up so that we could teach the Sisters in the apartment and he walked by. We struck up a conversation with him and it went SUPER well! Basically, we scheduled an appointment for the following morning. Next morning, we talked about a bunch of stuff, the importance of the Book of Mormon, his religious background, etc. He is so awesome! He was really receptive and you could really feel the spirit! We got to a point in the lesson where we were going to ask him to be baptized BUT right when we were about to, his girlfriend walked in. Gah........ BUT! My companion and I talked about it and maybe that was just Heavenly Father's way of telling us that it wasn't the right time. We are going to try again this week! Overall, he is a champ and things are going well. I've been so blessed this week. There have been some hard times but overall, I've learned so much about so many new things and have had so many good experiences.
 I know that all the people we meet, every day, every week and every year, are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. No matter what they look like, talk like or how they treat us, we need to love them. That's the way the world should work! We should all love one another and give the best we have to everyone! I've been so grateful for the opportunity I have had this week to learn that more fully and look forward to writing that message upon my heart more and more each day. :) This work is beautiful and wonderful! Truly, miracles are all around us! We just have to open our hearts to them! This Church is true! We have a LOVING and wonderful Savior that cares for us so deeply. I know that with all my heart. No sacrifice is too great as we fight the good fight and seek to know our Savior more fully. :) You're all in my prayers and I hope all is well! Overall, things are going great in Pocatello! Have a great week!

PS- Commitment: Please try and contact someone that you haven't talked to in a while and tell them that you love them. The small and simple things really do go a long way! :)

Elder Merkley

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