Friday, December 12, 2014

12/8/2014..Parties and the Temple

My week was AMAZING! Stressful but amazing! We had our zone training which was so absolutely incredible. It was so much fun to rejoice with the zone and set forth wonderful goals for the month of December. It is gong to be a white Christmas, That's for sure! On top of that, I found out that I get to perform a lot in this upcoming Christmas Zone Conference! I get to lead two songs and perform twice! I get to sing with Elder Rash, my previous a companion, a super funny song for the talent show and play the guitar and during the spiritual side of the meeting, I get to sing "Guard Him Joseph" with Elder Downey, another elder serving in Idaho Falls. It is going to be a busy day! Also, one of our investigators is strongly considering being baptized on December 27th! We had a wonderful lesson with him and his family yesterday, he's been reading the scriptures we leave with him and also, he's come to church 2 times in a row! HE"S ON FIRE! We believe with all our hearts that he can be baptized on that day! Aside from that, I got to go to the temple with Brother Axline. :) Words cannot describe how beautiful and amazing it was. The joy grew and grew as the day went on. :) We started out by going over to a church building and setting up chairs and tables for a dinner later that day after their sealing. Then, they showed up a little later on! It was SO good to see them. :) Then, we went and got some lunch and then went to the temple. Man oh man, it was truly celestial. :) Heaven came down for a time and settled on us. It was a beautiful experience to be able to go through a session with him and then witness their sealing. :) The Gospel is so beautiful, so perfect, so hopeful and SO AMAZING. My testimony of the Gospel grew 10 fold on Tuesday and it will always be a memory that I can look back on and gain strength from. :) Other than that, it was just an amazing week. Lots of success, lots of running around and lots of good stuff going on in our zone!! 

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