Saturday, December 20, 2014

12/15/2015..Last minute miracles


This past week really was a wonderful experience! I have learned a lot about diligence. Several times this past week, it was roughly 8:30ish, we were gonna go home soon and it would have been SO easy to just clock out mentally and just go through the motions..... BUT...... Not us! We saw so many last minute miracles if you will! We've been able to receive several wonderful referrals, go out in the cold and talk to those wonderful people! This past week we were able to find 3 new investigators and start teaching a family that fell off the map for a little while again! The father is a member of the church but his wife and their 2 kids are not. They are very open to coming to church and the father and son came to church and the ward Christmas party! At that same Christmas party, I had the opportunity to sit by a family that has just started coming back to church and they, being the amazing missionaries they are, brought their neighbor with them! He, his father and their roomate, are not members of the church BUT missionaries have stopped by in the past and they LOVED it! Rest assured, we are stopping by VERY soon! Also, we had our Zone Conference/talent show/ Christmas program! I got to lead 3 different numbers and sing twice! Elder Rash, a previous companion of mine, and I got to perform a super goofy song of ours for the talent show and Elder Downey and I, a good friend, got to sing "Guard Him Joseph" during the Christmas Program. Being so involved was SO amazing and so fun! I absolutely love our Mission President and his wife. Throughout the process I had the opportunity to associate often with them and it was such a pleasure. They are just great people. :) we also got snow! WHOO! Hopefully it'll stick because for our Zone P Day Activity, we want to have a snowball fight, build snowmen and do other awesome things!Also, we had an amazing district meeting this past week! There was a practice that we did where we all had 4 or 5 questions (What's your favorite hobby? Do you like football, things like that) that we had to ask others. Our goal was to ask all the questions, teach them, invite them to be baptized and ask if they knew anybody else who would be interested! Talk about pressure! It was an amazing learning experience though!!! :) Overall though, the Christmas spirit is abundant, the work is going well and I'm happy. :) Love you all!!!


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