Tuesday, June 10, 2014

6/9/2014 This week in pictures....

I got to go to the Idaho Falls Temple for the first time!!! Man... it was incredible!! This is Brother and Sister Olsen! He is a returned missionary who served in Canada, studying to be a Dentist at ISU and has gone out with us quite a few times in the past! They just had a baby girl recently too!!  anyways, it was beyond incredible. :) The Temple is such a treasure and a privilege to have upon the  earth and the convenience that we have to attend? AMAZING. :) We truly are a blessed people! :

 Aaron got baptized!! It was such a privilege to be there at the baptism and to have been a part of his journey. :) We got to travel up to Blackfoot for it! Teaching him was such an incredible experience. Truly, he was and is a great example of humility and following the spirit. HOORAH FOR ISRAEL!!!
 This is Kyle Andersen! He is in training in San Diego to be a NAVY Seal!! Crazy, I know! But, he was in town for 2 days and is good friends with someone in one of our wards and while he was up here, wanted to be baptized! He got everything taken care of in San Diego and we had the privilege of being a part of his baptismal experience and confirmation here in Pocatello! He was so sincere and apparently, the spirit had been working on him since high school! It's never too late and there is always hope!
Wedding time!!! Scott, the man in the 2nd picture was married to Kristine Sonnier this past Saturday and he will also be baptized this coming Saturday!!! Man, he is such a great guy! Also, he is a former
NAVY Seal and has told us many AWESOME stories! Haha! Overall, the wedding was an awesome and interesting experience! They plan on being sealed in the Reno Nevada Temple in the future! Whoo!

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