Sunday, June 8, 2014

6/2/2014..Zone Conference,Cleaning and exercising

Rest assured, we are having lots of success! :) this past week, we set lots of awesome goals for June and also, we had a Zone Conference! It was so much fun! :) We were also able to commit 2 of our investigators to be baptized! Praying and hoping for them! :) Also, we might be getting some new exercise equipment in our apartment! There is a family in one of our wards that wants to get rid of it and they offered it to us. Now we just have to figure out how to get it to our apartment! haha!

Also, we got to give a blessing to a less active man in one of our wards. He feels like the whole world is coming down on him and he just needs to know that God is there for him. It was a really spiritual experience and I'm super glad that I got to be there for it. :) Also, we did a deep cleaning of our apartment today and that place is looking great!! WHOO! Mmm.... what else..... the exercising and healthy eating has been going great! It's weird doing it really early in the morning because back home, I'd always work out in the evening! BUT, I'm getting used to it. Another Elder told me, "it's better to be sore than sorry" and that's kinda been my theme lately. ;) Also, it has been so sunshiny and beautiful here! Lots of sunscreen! ;) Also, Aaron is getting baptized this coming Friday in Blackfoot and we get to go there! Both Elder Bertoch and I are part of the program and we are very excited to be a part of it! Also one of our investigators, is getting married this coming Saturday AND we get to go to the temple on Wednesday!!! Man..... this week is going to be so fun! It's going to be a great kickstart into June! Overall, I'm doing really really well! :)

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