Monday, June 15, 2015

6/8/2015..Moving along

When I was in Pocatello, I had the honor of teaching a man by the name of Derrin . I was with Elder Bertoch at the time so this was about 14 months ago. We had SO many spiritual experiences with him and his wife, a LA member. We watched the Restoration Video with them along with Mountain of the Lord, Legacy, and the Testaments! We s and the reality of Christ's church being restored. We were able to plant a little seed and see it pop through the soil just enough for him to attend a baptism with us but that was about it. I was transferred to a different area for 3 months and then to Idaho Falls where I have spent the last 10 months of my mission. I got a call from the Zone Leaders serving in Pocatello who oversee the work in that area. They told me that Elder Clark and his companion, the missionaries now visited with him and through the Grace of God, Brother and Sister B came to church with them!! Afterward though, Elder Clark felt a prompting that told him not to go back for about a month, so, that's what they did! About a month later though, his name came up in Ward Council and the elders decided to visit him. Some of the first words that came out of his mouth was "I want to get baptized and we want to be sealed." I was told this and could not hold back a shout of pure joy!!! I am so excited!!!! :) On top of that, he wants me to baptize him!! He baptism was scheduled for the 23rd but because I will be returning home on the 23rd, they set up the baptism for the 22nd and we are working on getting permission for me to baptize him the evening before I go home in Pocatello!!! Sigh.... The Lord is SO good!!! We never know what He has in store for us but we can rest assured that because He loves us more than we can possibly imagine, his gifts and blessings will always be abundant and beautiful. :) I thank him for the opportunity I had to start teaching Derrin and his wife with Elder Bertoch and now for the opportunity I have to see him be baptized. :) I know that God loves each and every one of us and He never gives up on anyone!!! :)

Other than that, it was another absolutely crazy week full of many councils, meetings, teaching appointments, a couple sun burns and a few prayers every other minute! :) I love this work and I love the Lord with all my soul!!! :) Have a fantastic week everyone and please go find someone and help them!! :)

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