Monday, May 25, 2015

5/25/2018...Olive Garden and A new Companion

What an amazing roller coaster ride of a week!! First off, let me tell you all a little more about a man we are teaching. We found him just a little while ago and all the obstacles before him and baptism had been swept down EXCEPT for his divorce papers going through so that he could marry his fiance and live the Law of Chastity. MIRACLE TIME! After our lesson with them earlier this week, they went to the court and unfortunately it was too busy for them to get through. He left a call back number and that was that. Then, about 20 min later, they called him back and told him that somehow, all the papers had been processed and he was legally divorced! WOW! That moment taught me that God is first and foremost, powerful, and that He can do anything. :) Our faith enables those miracles to be manifest in our own lives! :)

Also, I had an amazing personal study this past week! I started out by studying Mosiah 5. I eventually branched off on studying covenants. MY GOODNESS! What an amazing experience! It absolutely blew my mind! I know with all my soul that our covenants are SO powerful and that in a very real way, when we are baptized, partake of the sacrament, are given the priesthood and enter into the temple, we bind ourselves to God! That binding is beautiful! It enables us to more fully receive His blessings but at the same time, we step onto a tough playing field! That's why he gives us the Holy Ghost though! :) But, if we want to continually qualify for heaven's blessings, we've gotta work for it! We can't clock out when things get hard or give up! We've gotta endure and push push push push! We can do it though! I am 1000% dedicated to fulfilling my Father's will now! For the rest of eternity! :)

Also, I have officially been transferred! My new companion's name is Elder Jordan! He is from Delaware, likes basketball, he's been skydiving, has been out 11 months, he's got 5 siblings, all of them, along with his parents have served missions. He just came from Blackfoot and we are ready to go! We cover some of the 4 most amazing wards in Idaho Falls! the members are so wonderful and there is so much work here! We are up to our eyebrows in God's blessings! Also, our fellow missionaries in the Idaho Falls North Zone are doing very well too! We are preparing for a wonderful June! :)

Also, I got to have lunch at Olive Garden with an amazing member family from Pocatello! I love them! Also, Italian food is the best! Oh! Amazing experience time! So, there was a woman, Jennifer who waited our table. We got talking with her, she said that she was a member and that she would like us to come and teach her 8 year old daughter about the church! We told her we would make sure miracles contacted her! :) Then, 30 minutes later, while we were out contacting people, we ran into her again! She was taking her lunch break and we got to share a brief message of hope with her and set up a return appointment! She wants to start coming back to church too! It's like the stars aligned for us all to meet.... twice! Haha! We are seeing that so much in this area. Miracles are happening everyday! We are excited for the miracles that are to come!! :)

Overall, the CHURCH IS TRUE! I know that with all my soul! I know that God loves us as well and when we exercise faith and truly show Him that we love and adore Him, our lives are so happy. :) I invite everyone reading this to show God that you love Him TODAY but serving someone TODAY! I love you all! Bye!

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